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Lily Allen is the simply most criative and smart singer of our times, and she's back to save us from the same old pop music cliche.

Sheezus will be avaliable worldwide on 05 May 2014. You can alreay preorder it on iTunes.

bitches here

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It’s been a mad past few days for Lily with the suspicious leak of 5 tracks from the Sheezus sessions, the spontaneous release of the Sheezus music video and now the surfacing of its apparent b-side Wind Your Neck In produced by pop maestro Greg Kurstin.

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Anonymous asked you:
Oh, what's her twitter or Tumblr?

I don’t know bro, all I got was a googledoc link and it was written Sheezus byRhoda

4 months ago
Anonymous asked you:
Where did your friend get it from, if I may ask? Is it on iTunes or something?

I have no idea, sorry, all i know is that the person who leaked it is called Rhama lol

4 months ago
Anonymous asked you:
How did you get the Sheezus track?

a friend of mine sent me

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tumblr deleted sheezus audio, sorry guys x

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